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 Ship/Vessel types ACSNY can charter for you:
anchor handling/tug/supply
anchor hanndling/tug
anti-pollution vessel
asphalt carrier
barge carrier
bitumen carrier/tanker
bulk carrier with retrackable tweendecks
bucker dredger
bulk carrier ore strengthened
bulk cement carrier
bulk gypsum carrier
bulk vehicle carrier
bulk wood chip carrier
bulk/container carrier
bulk/oil carrier
bulker, great lakes only
buoy tender
cable repair ship
cable ship
cape size bulk carrier
cement storage barge
chemical tanker
chemical/oil tanker
clean product tanker
container feeder ship
container ship
container liner
container/part refrigerated
crane/derrick barge
crude oil carrier
cruise vessel
cutter dredger
cutter suction dredger
dipper dredger
diving support vessel
dragger dredger
drilling vessel
dry cargo ship
ethylene tanker
fisheries protection vessel
fisheries research
fisheries training
fishing vessel
fruit juice carrier
geared bulk carrier
geared container vessel
gearless bulkcarrier
gearless container vessel
geophysical research vessel
grab dredger
handymax bulker
handy size bulker
heavy lift vessel
hopper barge
hopper suction dredger
hospital ship
icebreaker buoy tender
icebreaker research vessel
incinerator & waste disp. vessel
l.n.g. carrier
l.p.g. carrier
l.p.g. ammonia carrier
l.p.g. chemical tanker
livestock carrier
logistics vessel
maintenance vessel
multipurpose vessel
oceanographic vessel
oil barge
oil drilling rig
oil production/test ship
oil storage barge
oil well stimulation vessel
ore carrier
ore bulk oil carrier obo
ore oil carrier
pallet vessel
panamax bulkcarier
panmax bulker
parcels tanker
part refrigerated
passenger car catamaran ferry
passenger catamaran ferry
passenger vessel
passenger car ferry
passenger cargo vessel
passenger cargo vessel
phosphoric acid carrier
pile driving vessel
pipe carrier platform supply
pipe laying barge
platform elements carrier
platform supply vessel
polar research vessel
product ore bulk oil
products tanker
pure car carrier
radioactive waste carrier
refrigerated fish carrier
replenishment tanker
research vessel
ro-ro passenger ferry
ro-ro cellular
ro-ro heavy lift
rock breaking dredger
rolo hl submersible
roro vehicle cars only
roro with container cap
safety standby vessel
sail training vessel
salvage tug
salvage vessel
sand loading dredger
satellite tracking ship
search and rescue vessel
seismic survey vessel
self-elevating oil rig
semi submersible oil rig
semi-sub heavy lift vessel
semi-sub pipe laying barge
service vessel
sludge carrier
spent nuclear fuel carrier
store ship
suction dredger
supply vessel
support ship
survey ship
survey research vessel
tanker clean
tanker dirty
trailing suction dredger
trailing suction hopper dredger
training vessel
tug and barge
tween wth retractable tweendeck
tweendecker with 3 decks
vehicle carrier
waste disposal vessel
weather ship
wine tanker
work rig
work ship