If you are a buyer or a seller of any commodity in volume or bulk and are looking for a seller/buyer, please e-mail us via the box below, giving a detailed description of your interest, and providing contact information. Alternatively. send your email directly to This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it

We are looking for BUYERS to take delivery of:

2,000 to 18,000 mt per shipment of white rice, brown rice or paddy rice in bulk or in super sacks for deliver at any port North or South or Central America, North Europe, West Africa or Mediterranean Sea or Canada.
20-50,000 mt per shipment deicing salt / road salt or industrial salt in bulk for delivery at any port between Texas and Montreal.
20-50,000 mt per shipment limestone aggregate, stones, aragonite, sand, armour rock, fertilizer grade lime, or granite aggregate in bulk for delivery at any port between Texas and Maine including any Caribbean ports.
5-15,000 cbm of tropical round logs for delivery at any port worldwide including China and India.
We are looking for SELLERS/reliable SUPPLIERS of:
5-10,000 mt of good quality Portland Cement in bags.
3-7,000 mt of Urea in bags or in bulk.
We can offer the above services only provided no conflict of interest exists.